Brian Bonds and Fame


Today is Fame’s birthday. Really…it is. And his buddy Brian Bonds has invited Fame over to his bachelor pad for some time by the pool…and a few surprises! Brian’s always had a crush on Fame, but he’s never made his move! Today, that’s about to change! Brian knows Fame is a big movie buff, so he invited Fame in from the pool to check out a flick. Some of Fame’s favorite types are horror, comedy, and superhero movies. You know what Brian has in — hardcore, gay porno! Giggles and laughs turn into a hot JO sesh, which turns into some hot, hot blowjob action…which turns into Fame using Brian’s manpussy for his own horny desires! After Fame and Brian relieve their “pent-up anxiety”, Brian treats Fame to his other favorite past time — skydiving!

Date: April 18, 2020

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